Tips To Establish a Bedtime Routine For Your Kids – Good night!

A good bedtime routine is important for kids to stay active and healthy. Hence you need to establish a fixed bedtime routine that kids can easily follow. Mentioned below are a few tips on the same.

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Tell your kids bedtime stories – If you tell your kids bedtime stories, they will feel very excited to go to sleep every day. They will wait for bedtime as they get to hear interesting stories. Therefore, bedtime stories should be an important part of your child’s routine. If your child attends any of the nurseries in Dubai, then you can ask him to tell you about his activities in school as well.

Play soft music in the background – It is okay to play soft music while your kid is about to sleep. Light music will make the atmosphere really cozy and so your kid will sleep easily.

Use a night lamp – Kids find it difficult to sleep in total darkness. Hence, it is essential to use a night lamp so that kids can be at peace in the night. Even if your kids can sleep in complete darkness, it is good if you switch on the night lamp to prevent your child from getting nightmares or other such issues.

Give them a soft toy – Don’t leave your kid all alone in the room. Instead give him a soft toy such as a teddy bear that he can have as his companion at night. This will put them to sleep faster and they will enjoy the night as well.

Leave before your child falls asleep – Make sure you leave your kid’s room before he or she falls asleep. That’s because if you always put your child to sleep then they will be dependent on you for getting sleep. You need to make them independent in every way. However, do make them feel better by saying that you are always there for them no matter what. Also, don’t forget to come and have a look at them once they are asleep in the room to make sure that they are sleeping well.

Keep the above tips in mind to establish a good bedtime routine for your child.

Reasons why a group environment is a must for kids

As parents, you need to let your child gel with a group right since the beginning. Only then will your child learn to be independent in life. There are many parents who do not send their kids to preschool and keep them at home with a nanny. This is definitely a wrong thing to do as kids won’t learn anything this way. Read on to know why a group setting is good for kids.

  1. Group activities are a lot of fun – Your children will have the time of their lives if they are in a group. As a kid, it can be fun playing around with other children and making new friends.
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  2. Your kids get to learn something – Every day is a learning session for your kids. Right from painting to jumping to even laughing, the fun gets doubled when children are in a group. Kids can learn qualities such as team spirit, sharing and more while they are in a group.
  3. They get to interact with other kids of their age – A group setting is a great way to let kids interact with new people and think and care for others as well.
  4. They develop self-confidence – It’s only when kids are in a group, do they understand how to share their toys and how to accomplish a particular task by being a part of a group. This in turn helps them to build self confidence that they are indeed capable of doing a particular job.
  5. They will learn to be problem solvers – As a new problem arises in a group, your kid will learn to find out solutions for the same by interacting with group members and working with them. Any kind of competition or activities arranged for the group of kids is sure to make your child more independent and confident.

All in all, a group setting is a must for the well being of your child. You can enroll them in any of the British preschools in Dubai and see the difference for yourself.

International Women’s Day: Teach your Preschool Kid About Women’s Day

Women’s Day is celebrated on 8th March every year to celebrate the life of every woman living on the planet. Preschool is that time of life when the mind of kids is open to a host of things. Hence, this is the right time for you to teach your kids the importance of Women’s Day, as a mother. Read on for some tips on the same.Happy Women's day

  1. Be a role model – Teach your kid how to be responsible in life. Tell him or her how you take care of the household work as well as live up to your professional obligations. In this way, your kid will understand that every mother out there is a woman at heart. They will understand the importance of women in their lives, and that’s when you can tell them what Women’s Day is all about. This will make them understand that one day in a year is dedicated to all the ladies in the world.
  2. Talk to them about inspirational women – Make your kids aware of women like Sheikha Lubna Al Qasami, Lubna Olayan and other such iconic people in the Middle East. This will make your kids understand that women indeed are very special and brave as well.
  3. Teach them to respect women in every walk of their lives – You need to teach your kids to respect each and every woman they meet. You need to tell them how women as daughters, mothers, sisters and good human beings are so very unique and pure. What your kid is in his or her childhood will surely reflect in his or her adulthood as well.
  4. Tell them the significance of Women’s Day in our lives – Tell them why every woman on earth is amazing in her own way. Tell them why it is extremely important to treat women in the right way and earn their respect in return.

This is how your child will grow up to become a great gentleman or lady. Your preschool kid can imbibe such qualities easily as their mind is progressing steadily.

Womens day from Kensington NurseryHappy Women’s Day

Mistakes to avoid while disciplining children – Understand your kid

Disciplining kids is the right thing to do. But, how you do it holds the key to good results. In a bid to develop discipline in their kids, parents tend to make a lot of mistakes. Mentioned below are such mistakes that parents should avoid at all costs.

1. Using harsh language – This seems shocking but many parents do use harsh language while talking to their kids which is the worst thing you can do. You need to speak to your kids in an affectionate way but at the same time you have to make sure that they understand what you expect of them. The idea is to express what you want without sounding too rude or strict.

2. Being negative in your approach – While disciplining kids, you need to make use of positive language. Instead of saying, ‘Don’t do this or that,’ you need to say something like ‘It will be great if you could do this.’ Such kind of positive language will make your kid understand things in a better way and they would follow your instructions too.

3. Lecturing them for a long time – While you’re dealing with children, it is important to keep the tone of your voice friendly and casual. The moment you start to lecture, your kids will not be able to grasp anything and all your efforts will fail. Be casual and not preachy in your approach.

4. Punishing them for small mistakes – Though you have to show some displeasure if your kid has done something wrong, it is important that you do not keep punishing them now and then for petty reasons. There’s nothing wrong in putting across your point in a stern manner, but avoid punishing them at the drop of a hat.

5. Not being disciplined yourself – If you yourself are not disciplined in your routine life, you can’t expect your kid to be the same. Firstly, you need to make sure that you are setting up a good example for your kids to follow the same.

These are a few mistakes that parents make while disciplining children. Watch out for these mistakes and make your child a good human being.

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Tips to make your child independent in life – Avoid excessive pampering

Being independent is a very good thing. As kids are still at a very tender age, it is difficult to make them perform different tasks on their own. However, you need to develop independence in your kids right from the beginning itself or else they’ll become too clingy. Mentioned below are a few tips on how to make your child more independent in life.

1. Leave them alone for some time – If you’re accompanying your kids in every other activity they perform, they will never be able to do anything on their own. Hence it is important that you give your kids some lone time where they can learn to develop confidence without you being close to them. Small habits like arranging the bed, brushing the teeth and others can be done by themselves without seeking your help at all. You need to avoid excessive pampering at all costs.

2. Enroll them in different activities – Right from sports, to dance to any other activity, enroll them in hobbies that they will do on their own without your supervision. It is also an excellent way for kids to interact with new people, new teachers and others.

3. Give them small projects at home – For example, you can buy your kid a picture book and ask him or her to finish coloring a particular thing in a fixed amount of time. In this way, you can ask them do simple tasks like these on their own without your interference at all.

4. Allow them to help you at home – You can ask your kid to bring water for you, get a book from the rack and do other such small chores at home. In this way, your kid is learning to do some work that is the hallmark of being independent.

5. Let them take their own decisions – This may look impossible in the beginning but it will eventually work with your kid. For example, if your kid has a fancy dress competition in school, let him or her decide what they would like to become. Trivial decisions like these can be taken by kids themselves which will make them independent in life.

Thus, have a look at the above points to make your kid self-reliant and independent in life.

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Tips to get your preschooler to listen to you – Enjoy talking

Most parents would agree that preschool children are not great listeners. However, as a parent, right from your tone to the words you choose, everything matters a lot. Therefore, you have to be very careful with the way you talk to your kids to ensure that they listen to you properly. Read on for some tips to get your preschool child to listen to you.

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1.Be gentle with your words – You need to choose your words wisely. Using words like ‘you fool,’ or any other harsh word would lead to the opposite effect. Use words like ‘please’ or alternative sentences such as , ‘It will be good if you do this’ instead of just saying ‘don’t do it.’

2.Be wary of your tone – Don’t use a loud voice while talking to your kids. Ensure that your tone is perfect. This will make the kids listen to you and they can thoroughly enjoy the conversation.

3.Maintain eye contact – You will have to maintain eye contact by all means with your kid. For this, you will have to either bend down or sit down with him or her. Do it as it means your kid can listen to you better and he or she can truly understand the importance of the situation in hand.

4.Stop nagging – Use positive words and avoid nagging your kid for everything. If you do that, you may never get any signs of affirmation from your kid. Therefore, the first thing you need to do is talk to your child like you are having a normal conversation with someone. Use a normal conversational tone while talking to your kids.

5.Be a role model – If you yourself are talking politely with others and are a good listener yourself, you can expect the same from your kid as well. That’s because kids are excellent imitators and they too would start listening just as you do.

6.Ask them to repeat your words – There may be times when your kid just can’t understand what you said. In this case, you can ask him or her to repeat what you said to ensure that they listened to you nicely.

Use the above tips to get your preschooler to listen to you properly. Happy talking!

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Tips to get your preschooler to sleep well – Good night

As a parent, you have to ensure that your little one sleeps well during the night. Sleep is essential for kids and adults alike. Here we provide you with some tips to get your preschool child to sleep better. Read on to know more.

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1.Follow a fixed sleeping time – Ensure that your kid sleeps at nearly the same time during the night. Let your kid have his or her nap during the day but ensure that the nap isn’t too short or is taken on the latter part of the day. Both these habits may reduce your preschool child’s sleep during the night.

2.Follow a fixed sleeping routine – Sing your child’s favorite rhyme or tell him or her a nice bedtime story about half an hour before sleep. Then as your child closes his or her eyes, you can leave them on the bed and go.

3.Give them a blanket or a soft toy while sleeping – Give your kids a soft toy or a blanket that they can hold onto while sleeping. This will ensure that your kids have a good night’s sleep as they do not feel alone.

4.Do not give them drinks containing caffeine just before they sleep – Avoid giving them drinks that contain caffeine as that will keep them awake for a longer time. Before buying any sort of drinks for your kid, read the labels carefully for any mention of caffeine as the ingredient. If it’s mentioned anywhere on the carton, eliminate the drink completely.

5.Keep the atmosphere in the bedroom dark, quiet and cool – Keep the environment around the bedroom extremely quiet, cool and dark. You can make use of a night lamp but make sure that it’s not too bright. Keep it as dimly lit as possible.

6.Put them to bed while they feel sleepy but are still awake – This will make them sleep on their own and they wouldn’t depend on you every time. You can sleep beside them for some days, but after a while you can leave them to sleep on their own with a stuffed toy or a blanket.

7.Be ready to face your child’s nightmare – It is natural for kids to get up all of a sudden amidst the night due to a nightmare or any other disturbance. You need to immediately attend to your child during that time as he or she may get too scared to be all alone.

Follow these simple tips to ensure that your preschool child gets proper sleep at night. Happy parenting!

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