Are your kids picky about what they eat?

Eating healthy is not only good for you but also for your 5 year old as well. It helps build confidence and keeps the body and mind, fit and fresh throughout the day. But for this to happen, parents must tap into what their children like to eat and then compare that to a list of healthy meals and ingredients they should be consuming.

As toddlers grow up, they begin to display their likes and dislikes (even more because they can now speak out since they have a rather capable vocabulary). This is not because they have a problem with the food that you as a parent prepare; it is because they have begun to make their own choices. Everyone has a set of foods that they like and long list of items they dislike; this exactly what your kids are trying to tell you, but in their sweet little annoying ways. Some kids will even try to avoid dinner; this is not because they do not like the food, but because they are simply full consuming snacks throughout the day which you yourself have made available in the plentiful for them.

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It is therefore wise to limit snacks to a fruit or a simple sandwich and nothing more because they need to set a routine when it comes to eating their 3 daily meals. Over-snacking disturbs this pattern which is why nurseries in Dubai will discourage snacks between meal times. Eating fruits during day is the best practice as it will not fill their stomachs but simply satisfy their hunger for the moment; considering how much energy kids need when they play and run around the place. Your child will always have a set of favourite fruits, so it is wise to have bowl of them lying on the dining table so they do not need to reach out for something else. Healthy kids will always be happy kids.

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