Reggio Emilia Approach — A different approach to early years education

Learning at the Kensington would never be so much fun, if it were not for the Reggio Emilia approach which has been used put children in an environment where they are encouraged to demonstrate resourcefulness, curiosity, imagination, inventiveness, competence, and a desire to interact and communicate with others.

This approach to education involves the four key factors when it comes to learning:

Children: The focus of the Reggio Emilia approach, are given the power to be responsible for choosing their direction of learning. They are treated with respect and must be able to learn via a sensory experience which involves touching, moving, listening, seeing, and hearing. With so many ways to express themselves, they eventually gain some control over their learning which is one of the main principles of the Reggio Emilia Approach.

Parents: Respected as the first teachers for the children, the approach views the role of a parent not only as a caretaker, but that of a collaborator and an advocate. Moreover, teachers always involve parents in every part of the curriculum. This is why one would not be surprised to see parents getting involved with the nursery’s activities and in the learning programmes.

Teachers: Teachers play a vital role by being present with a child while the child learns about the environment around him or her. Teachers also need to act as educators and coordinators by promoting and maintaining the bond between parents and their children, and by providing them with opportunities to do the same.

Environment: The environment plays the role of a communicator and helps children convey to themselves, their friends and their parents about what they do and like to do. The environment is well-designed to provide a sensory experience with open spaces, plants, animals and fresh air to give children a sense of freedom and personal space.

nursery in Umm Sequim, nursery at the Dubai Silicon Oasis

Together these four pillars work together and create an environment where children are honoured and respected for their potential and capabilities and given a chance to display their creative thinking and exploration skills.

We at The Kensington Nursery in Dubai follow the same educational philosophy which allows parents to interact with children and get involved in their learning process. To contact us or to know more about the activities that take place at our nursery at the Dubai Silicon Oasis or at our nursery in Umm Sequim, visit our website at:


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