The True Value Of A Pre-school Screening In Dubai

Getting your child into a preschool is tough these days even with the plethora of options that are available here in sunny Dubai. Ask any couple and they would tell you that the most nerve-wreaking part about the admissions process is the screening bit. Most parents tend to take a screening process in the wrong spirit.

A screening process when registering your child at any preschool in Dubai has not been designed to check whether your child is fit to be a part of an elite academy. Rather, it has been designed to check whether your child will be able to absorb the information or educational techniques put forth by the preschool.

We know that every child is unique and also has different abilities when it comes to comprehension and learning. Some may be quick at grasping while others will be better while playing or when it comes to sports. We are not made equal for the simple fact that we can come up with different approaches to the same problem.

Most preschools in Dubai often do not have a screen process for nursery selection, but have it placed at a later stage of development and education. If your child does not get selected, at a preschool, that does not mean that your child is any lesser than the next kid. There is no need to worry or push your child. What it does mean is that your child needs to reach the developmental level (which may happen in a couple of months or even a year) where he or she would be prepared to learn and absorb the information being passed on to them, rather than being present and not being able to perform, which would create a complex for the child and get the parents worried as well.


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