Tips On keeping the Playroom Clean.

Kids love to play. Playing with toys helps with their mental development as well as when it comes to fine-tuning their motor skills. The toys themselves come in a variety of shapes and sizes, all smartly designed to teach and imbibe ideas into a child’s mind. Children grow up with them and get attached to them. Fact or not, most of us still treasure our childhood toys, from the wooden blocks to the toy trains—we love them all.

When it comes to your kid’s toys however, there is always one problem. Some parents take up this very problem as a challenge and try their level best to implement changes, while others simply give up after many unsuccessful attempts. The problem that every parent goes through is the clean up bit. Those who have a playroom at home, somehow get away with the whole issue by simply closing the door. But no! The problem here is less to do with cleanliness and being orderly but more about teaching your child about responsibility.

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Toddlers have their playtime everyday; maybe after coming back from the nursery or even after a time out in the park in the evenings. They will break up, throw around and make a mess of their rooms either while playing, (because their imaginations run wild) or because they simply like to keep playing with new toys that grab their attention one after the other. Once playtime is over, all the toys (blocks, cars, teddy’s) are left on the floor, resulting in a messed up room; which of course you as a caring parent would dutifully end up cleaning every single day. This issue soon becomes a problem once your child grows up and tends to stick to this routine which soon becomes a habit that is hard to get rid of. Here are a few tips on how to teach your child to clean up the mess of toys that’s left behind:

1)      The best way to help kids out if they are too young to understand the concept of cleaning up is to turn the cleanup process into a game. Make cleaning up and packing up a part of the game that you introduced them to. This apart from getting rid of the toys will also keep the playroom or your kid’s room magically clean every time you walk in.

2)      Demonstrate the cleanup process clearly to your child when you introduce the new toy to him/ her, telling them where the toy should be kept after they are done with it.

3)      If there is a toy chest, make it a challenge for your kids and even reward them with some candy if they pack all their toys in the chest in the proper order. This will encourage a sense of neatness and bring order to their rooms as they grow up.

4)      Keep the storage space for toys large enough and logical. The smaller toys go on the top shelves, along with the soft toys while the larger cycles, play tables and musical toys can be pushed easily at floor level.

5)      The use of colours and crayons needs to be under supervision unless you want to return to redesigned room which has been given a makeover by your little artist.

6)      A wise decision while designing a room for your child would be to be to paint their walls with the their favourite cartoon characters because leaving the walls empty would make them think that it’s a surface that needs to written or drawn on.

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