Keeping your toddler at bay on a Summer Holiday

With the summer holidays approaching the Middle East, parents have started planning in full-swing as to where to they could go for their summer vacations? Be it someplace warm or some place that’s cold to beat the summer heat; most parents do forget that they have a toddler with them who will most likely be the last person to sit in one spot on those long haul flights. Here are a few tips to help you keep your toddler at bay and well-mannered on a flight so that both you and your child can have an enjoyable relaxing vacation.

  • Plan a trip that is not too far away. So much so that getting there takes a 24-hour flight. You may be able to deal with it. But a restless toddler who just wants to get off his/her seat and move around would end up making you feel like jumping off a plane with their tantrums.
  • Pack well in advance and make sure you carry your little one’s favourite toys and snacks with you on your vacation. Their soft toys would keep them calm when sleeping or napping on a long flight and you could give them their snacks as a reward for good behaviour throughout the vacation when they get really fussy.
  • Carry your child’s favourite books and some new ones. Kids love turning the pages of magazines and books; discovering new things giving them hours of fun; and peace of mind for you on your vacation.
  • Let them get a good night’s sleep or good rest and go according to their sleep schedules, the day before you begin your trip. If dealing with a toddler on a trip is tough, then dealing with a restless toddler on a long flight will certainly turn your journey into a nightmare.
  • Forget the theme parks and resorts; try and find destinations for your vacation that take your children to the great outdoors. This will give them a chance to explore the world, smell the fresh air and touch, feel and sense a world they have never seen. This will be a great learning experience especially for pre-schoolers who would end the holiday with unforgettable memories of the journey.

The Kensington Nursery has been helping parents and educating them about the dos and don’ts when it comes to helping parents help their children grow. We have been doing so for quite some time and will continue to enrich the bond between parents and their children. To know more about our International British nurseries in Dubai, kindly visit our website at:


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