Is your child really Safe at Home?

If you are going to be a parent for the first time or you are expecting; here are a few tips to keep your home childproof and safe for your little ones as they grow up.

  • If you are going to renovate your home, changing the switches to childproof ones with covers is a great idea. The covers not only protect a child if he/she accidentally happens to touch the electrical socket or insert an object into it but also if the socket happens to be switched on and the child happens to lying against one. Moreover, the hair and clothing combined with the carpet on the floor may result in something really disastrous; which is why it is ideal to have electrical sockets and switches with covers on them in a house with toddlers.

    our international British children’s nursery at Umm Sequim

  • Removable fences or gates are another great idea to help limit your toddler or baby to a certain area of the house. What’s more is that you will also get some peace of mind knowing that your child won’t wander about and injure him/her self by taking a go at the staircase or entering the kitchen without your assistance.
  • Always buy items or appliances with retractable cords as the cords can be retracted when the appliance is not in use. This helps prevent the children from getting choked. Children are mischievous in their early childhood and a dangling wire or cord makes for treat to play with.

    our international British children’s nursery at Umm Sequim and the Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • Bathrooms are not the best space in the house for your toddler to be going in alone. There are a lot of appliances that can cause injury to children especially when water and electricity mix. It is always safe to keep electrical appliances behind tightly shut cabinets to prevent any unnecessary accidents.

We at The Kensington British Nursery in Dubai always put safety first on our premises and also encourage and advice parents to do the same at home. We believe that responsibility and safety go hand in hand. We pay great attention to the safety of our environment, referring to the standard set under the Office for Standards in Education UK (OFSTED) and our premises are fully compliant with the UAE ministry regulations, as relates to health, safety, hygiene and fire regulations.

We have a dedicated security officer on the premises at all times and access to the nursery is restricted by way of an electronic gate control system. To know more about us and our international British children’s nursery at Umm Sequim and the Dubai Silicon Oasis kindly visit:


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