Now is the time to change from burgers to fresh fruits

Childhood obesity is at an all time high. If you think that your child is obese, there are two reasons for the same: lack of physical activity; and an unhealthy diet loaded with snacks. Childhood obesityin this age of fast food and busy work lives are hard for parents to fight. However, parents can take a couple of simple precautions to ensure that their children do not put on that excess weight, especially at this age.

Kensington Nurseries at the Dubai Silicon Oasis

  • Always encourage healthy eating habits at home
  • Children learn by example so set the right one for them and they will follow what you do.
  • Go out for a stroll in the in the evening with kids on work days
  • Interact and make time for your children; ask them about them their day (will help beat stress both for you and your child)
  • Make fruits easily accessible around the house (children will pick them up instead of that pack of Oreo’s on the kitchen counter)
  • Ensure that your children have a minimum of an hour’s worth of play with a board game at home (board games are good for family bonding and utilizes the mind helping kids and parents lose calories)
  • Reduce TV time

nursery in Dubai, nursuries in DUbai Kensington Nurseries at the Dubai Silicon Oasis

Our nursery in Dubai provides meals that have been carefully planned to ensure that the children will receive a variety of different foods geared to provide all of the essential daily nutrients required to maintain good health. The Kensington Nurseries at the Dubai Silicon Oasis and at Umm Sequim continuously monitor children’s health and conveys the same to their parents on a timely basis. All of the ingredients we use are fresh, additive free and prepared in our onsite nursery kitchen, where the standards of hygiene and cleanliness are always “best practice”.


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